Author's Instructions and Paper Submission

Received papers will be peer reviewed using “MME standards and criteria.” Authors should note that only the accepted and presented papers will be eligible for final proceedings. Papers accepted but not presented will be omitted from publications. TPC reserves the right to reject any paper at any stage that is found to be plagiarized or not following the guidelines. At least one author is required to register, at the full rate, to present accepted papers at the conference and for the paper to appear in the conference proceedings.


The submissions should be prepared according to the guidelines defined by MME2024 Conference Proceedings Templates (Microsoft Word, Latex). Submit your paper in the specified file format using the Template:

Submit Your Paper

Authors are welcome to submit your papers to conference email: before the Submission Deadline: 30 June 2024

Presentation at the Conference

At least one author is required to register, at the full rate, to present accepted papers at the conference and for the paper to appear in the conference proceedings.

Length and Language of the regular paper

All papers should be in English.
6 pages at least are required. Papers that exceed the 15-page limit will be rejected without review.

Submitted paper should clearly explain its originality and relevance to the field and Only the paper passed inspection will be evaluated by a peer review process.

Review Criterias:

1. The title, abstract and keywords must accurately reflect the paper’s contents.
2. The research must conform to the theme of conference.
3. The research methodology must be sound logically.
4. The paper must be well-structured and clearly written.
5. References must be relevant and accurate.

Structure of your paper

- Paper title: should be concise and accurately reflect the content of the paper;
- Author(s) (name, title, affiliation, full mail address, e-mail address);
- Abstract: should provide a concise summary of the paper, including the main results and conclusions (from 150 to 200 words); - Keywords;
- Introduction: should provide a clear overview of the topic and the purpose of the paper (Relevance, scientific significance with a brief review of the literature);
- Setting of the problem: should clearly state the research question;
- The theoretical part: should provide evidence to support the research question;
- The results and discussion: Analysis, suggestions and case studies, the results of experiments;
- Conclusions: should provide a summary of the paper's findings.
- References: should provide citations for all sources used.
The deadline for full paper submission is 30 June 2024. Also, acceptance will be announced on 20 July 2024.

Review Process

Your submitted paper will be inspected by our staff first to assure that the document is readable and meets all formatting requirements. If your paper passes inspection, it will be entered into the review process. A committee of reviewers selected by the conference technical committee will review the papers and rate them according to quality, relevance, and correctness. The conference technical committee will use these reviews to determine which papers will be accepted for presentation in the conference. The result of the technical committee’s decision will be communicated to the submitting authors by email, along with reviewer comments.
All papers will be dual-blind reviewed by 2-3 reviewers in related fields and only can be accepted after the rigorous modification with response letter.
Plagisrism report must not exceed 25%.
Double-blind peer-review program will adopted. To enable double-blind review, the name and affiliations of authors should not be included in the paper, which can be added later once their paper is accepted after the peer-review.


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